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Covid-19 aka Coronavirus

So, I left my job on 3/13/2020 to work from home until 3/30/2020 due to social distancing. Today is 4/5/2020 and there's no end in sight for this tragic disease. I have been under tremendous stress. My mom is still in rehab, which is on lock down. I haven't seen my mom since 3/12/2020 and it's killing me.

 I have a few friends that I keep in touch with, and I've started walking for 30 minutes each weekday morning. I even came back to this page, which I'd abandoned a while back.

 Social distancing is hard for me. My entire life has always been surrounded by people, music, fun. This is strange and frightening. We're under siege by a virus of which there is currently no cure, no vaccine. Hundreds/thousands are dying each day in the US - even more when we take the world into consideration. I told my friend Aaron I'm afraid Covid-19 might wipe all of us out. We might be doomed. 

 I'll come here often to share my thoughts, see ya around. Covid 19, aka Novel Corona Virus, aka Coronavirus, I hate you.



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