July 29, 2018

Jennifer Holliday refused to return my deposit

Jennifer Holliday ( the original Dreamgirls member, Effie White ) cancelled her performance and refused to return the deposit I paid her for the 7/28/18 Chicago performance. I filed a bbb.org complaint against her, and will provide all of the details here.

If I had to bet, I’d bet she returned the deposit to Trump when she cancelled her White House performance. She knows I am a new promoter and thought I’d just take the “L.” She soon found out that was not true. I fought hard to get my deposit back from her. As of 7/29/18 I still do not have my deposit back from Jennifer Holliday. I never would have thought a Grammy and Tony winning artist would steal my money, but she did. Stay tuned for the proof. Jennifer Holliday stole the deposit I paid her.