July 29, 2018

I can’t believe Jennifer Holliday stole my money

It has taken me a while to start writing about this as I honestly can not belive THE Original Dreamgirl, Jennifer Holliday willingly accepted the deposit for her performance in Chicago. Yet, when she decided to cancel her performance, she made no mention of returning the deposit I paid her. I emailed her many times, and tried to call her. NO response. Jennifer Holliday actually refused to return the deposit I paid her. I am by no means wealthy. I saved and saved in order to afford to produce the concert. When she cancelled, not only did I lose (for now) the deposit I paid her, I lost other monies I’d paid our for the production of the concert. I lost money on marketing and promotions, venue rental, opening acts, flyer design and printing, etc.

Jennifer Holliday really disappointed me. Never would I have thought she would take my deposit and not return it when she decided to cancel her performance.